How to Install Norcold Cooling Units

Norcold Cooling Units are a staple of the refurbished rv refrigerators industry. They are durable, reliable and efficient. They are also less expensive than a full replacement unit.

There are a few different types of Norcold cooling units. One type is a Freon-based unit, which uses the existing electronics and is a direct replacement of the Ammonia-based unit. The other is an upgraded Ammonia unit that adds a hydrogen gas based system to the Ammonia-based system.

These units are a great option for anyone who needs to replace their Ammonia-based cooling unit but does not want to deal with the expense and time it takes to modify the cabinetry in their coach to accommodate a residential refrigerator. These units are approximately the same cost as a Norcold Ammonia-based cooling unit replacement and can be installed in just about any type of RV.

The first step is to remove the old ammonia-based cooling unit and clean it thoroughly with a mild bleach solution to eliminate any remaining ammonia in the unit. This will prevent the new unit from smelling like ammonia when it is first installed.

Once the old unit is cleaned, place the new unit into the same mounting space as the original. Then, attach the hoses, LP gas adapters, and electric heaters to the new unit. Make sure that the flue baffle is positioned correctly and that the LP gas igniter is adjusted properly.

Next, run low-expansion spray foam around the outside of the evaporator pocket on the sealing surface, and seal the pocket. This is a very important step in the installation process. The evaporator pocket is not as well sealed as the entire refrigerated cabinet, and this allows air to get into the evaporator from the back side or within the evaporator itself.

If you don’t seal the evaporator pocket, air will be able to get into the evaporator and cause damage. The evaporator coils will become corroded, and the insulated tubing may rot out, causing water to leak down into the evaporator.

Another common problem with the evaporator is that it can get stuck inside the foam pack pocket, or even worse, completely blocked by a frame member on Dometic cooling units (see the Evaporator Foam Pack Pocket image in the upper left corner of page 68). To get the evaporator pack out, you will need to use a section of 2×4 as a lever.

When installing a Norcold cooling unit, you will need to insert the rear-mounting screws into the rear of the evaporator, using a pair of screwdrivers. The rear-mounting screws have a small oval notch in the end that helps guide them into the evaporator. Once the evaporator is inserted into the refrigerated cabinet, the screws can be tightened.

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