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How To Change Margins In Google Docs & on iPhone

Margins are areas around the edges of a document where it doesn’t touch the edges of the page. In Google Docs, you can make approximate changes using the Ruler or use the page setup dialog box in more precise detail.

This chapter describes how to change the margins for a document and how to change them for a specific page. You’ll also find details on how to set the document’s margins to zero so that there is no margin between your text and the edge of the page. Changing the Margins of a Document To change the margins of a document, follow these steps:

Margin Adjustment with the Ruler

Changing the margins can be accomplished using the Ruler. The margins are the gray area of the Ruler and are effectively “off-limits” for document contents to touch. These can be modified by clicking and dragging the border between the white and gray areas of the Ruler to the appropriate width. Both the vertical and horizontal margins can be edited in the same way.

The vertical margin Ruler is located on the left-hand side of the page. You may have noticed the blue bar and two upside-down blue triangles on the top Ruler. These adjust the indents for the paragraphs in the document. To do this, you need to select the specific paragraph or region you want to modify, then go to the paragraph properties and change the Paragraph Spacing option to Overflow.

Drag the margins to the desired location, and adjust the indent of the first line of the paragraph your cursor is located in. Drag the margins to adjust the indent of the entire section. Drag the margins to the right to adjust the right indent.

Page Setup: How to Set and Edit Margins

  • To begin, click File, and then click Page setup.
  • Select the margins you want and click OK. Margin measurements are based on the default language of your Google Account.

You can also apply your margin changes to only a subsection of the document. To do this, highlight the subsection and choose Selected content in the Apply to the dropdown menu. Splitting the highlighted content on a separate page is the same as changing the indent for that paragraph.

How to Change Margin in on iPhone

You can change the margins on your iPhone by following these steps:

  • Open the document. Go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the three dots that indicate Menu.
  • Choose Margin from the dropdown list.
  • You can choose between default, custom, wide or narrow margins.

You can enter specific measurements for your documents using the custom margin. There are two-inch right and left margins and one-inch top and bottom margins with wide margins. The default margin setting is one inch for all your margins. Set half-inch margins on all four sides with narrow margins.

How to Change Margin in on iPad

Select Menu and Page Setup from the dropdown menu to adjust margins on the iPad. The steps for changing margins on your iPad are similar to those on your iPhone.

Reset margins for all pages in a document by choosing the Resets Margins to command from the Pages menu. Note: If you reset margins, the margins you set will not be saved.

How to Change Margin in on Android

Margin changes in Google Docs are not available to Android users. You can adjust your documents’ appearance by changing page size, color, or orientation, for example.

You can also add and remove pages from your document and add images, links, and text boxes. 3: To use these features, open the document you want to edit and click on the menu button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the Options tab.

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