Home Health Care Benefits

Recovering from an illness or injury can be a stressful time for the patient and their family. This concern increases when it comes to chronic illness or disability. Research has consistently shown that, whenever possible, home recovery is the best option for a patient’s physical and mental health. Unfortunately, when the patient is too old or too injured or too sick to care for himself, recovery at home is sometimes not possible. It is not always possible to find friends or family members to help you with your daily work. Even when family members are able to help, the burden placed on them disrupts their other family relationships, as well as their work and personal lives. The option of home recovery – letting a loved one leave their home to live in a hospital or nursing home – is often a place of regret.

Fortunately, there is another way for patients to stay in their loved ones’ homes while receiving quality medical care: home health care. Recent technological advances such as the Internet and home infusion have made it possible for more patients to receive home health care than in the past. According to the National Home Care Association, there are approximately 20,000 home care workers today. Although nearly two-thirds of those who receive home care are over the age of 65, home health care can help anyone who needs help while recovering from and sick or in pain.

Here are some benefits of home health care:

Seniors can continue to live in their familiar surroundings
o Dignity and freedom are maintained
o Patients receive individual attention and care from the housekeeper
o Home health care is often less expensive than care in a nursing home/assisted living facility
o It reduces the burden placed on older children to care for their elderly parents

Many people prefer to receive care in a familiar environment where they are surrounded by love, patience and understanding. Home care providers help strengthen and increase a patient’s ability to Disability care for themselves at home. They can also have a positive effect on the patient’s hopes and aspirations. We Care Workers: New York State Home Health Services

Our Care Staffing Inc. offers home health care services from the comfort of your own home. When short-term or long-term health care is needed, We Care has it. We provide care in the comfort of your home with nurses you can trust.

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