Do You Need a Power Generator?

Recently cities along the Mid-Atlantic experienced bad storms that resulted in days without power and phone for thousands of people. As we have family in a remote area, we were naturally concerned for their welfare. As it turned out, our fears were put to rest when we were informed that they had an emergency generator to see them through the outage. These devices, typically the size of a standard outdoor HVAC unit, are designed to provide a means of power to a house. You may have contemplated having one for emergencies but balked due to price, storage concerns, or other reasons. Do you really need a power generator?

You may think that a generator isn’t needed because you live in an area that isn’t susceptible to bad weather or blackouts. If you do experience the occasional outage, you may live close enough to a shelter or store to stock up on emergency supplies if needed. Sounds like a good plan, but if your home is without power, chances are surrounding buildings are out as well.

It’s important to note, too, that generators offer other benefits. While it’s nice to have access to one when you’re unable to get hot water from the shower or access the Internet to communicate with friends, there are other considerations for a generator that may make it useful for you.

1) Events. If you entertain outdoors and require some extra power to keep the lights working, a generator can take some stress off your home power, and even help save on energy bills.

2) Camping. For people who love to camp – whether at brand campgrounds or deep in the woods – a generator is good to have to help with cooking and bathing.

3) Tailgating – When football season sees you in the parking lot waiting for the big game, you can use a smaller generator to power up the grill and treat friends to a barbecue.

Of course, a generator works well as a backup for people who live along the coast, particularly during hurricane season. If you live up north and deal with snow storms and long periods of cold weather, such a device can help when you have issues with your home electric setup.

If you have questions about generators and which style is best for your needs, you can contact your local HVAC provider for suggestions. Don’t be caught in the cold.. Hvac supply near me

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