Cavity Wall Insulation – Energy Efficient Home Improvement

Cavity wall insulation is a common energy efficient home improvement that offers homeowners a number of benefits including reduced heating bills and a comfortable temperature controlled home. It is quick, easy and mess free to install and can be done by qualified professional installers.

Cavities can be insulated using a number of different materials, most commonly mineral wool (glass fibre or rock wool), polyurethane foam, or blown beads. Most installers will use a long nozzle to blow the material into the cavity which allows them to reach hard-to-reach areas. The insulation is a very effective thermal barrier and doesn’t absorb moisture so it will prevent damp issues.

The main reason to have cavity wall insulation installed is to save money on heating bills. By insulating your home you will not need to heat it as much in the winter and this will dramatically reduce your energy bill. It also helps the environment by reducing the amount of gas and electricity that is used in homes to keep them warm, so helping to decrease the carbon emissions.

A qualified surveyor will examine your outer walls before the installation to make sure they are structurally sound and suitable for cavity wall insulation. If any problems are identified these will be discussed with you before the work begins and your installer may recommend a remedial action plan. Once completed you will need to look after your home and keep it well maintained to ensure the best performance from your new insulation. Regular maintenance should include improved ventilation and keeping on top of general property upkeep to avoid damp problems that can often develop where there is a gap between external walls and internal walls. home insulation

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