Anwalt Hattingen – Expertise in All Major Fields of Law

Anwalt Hattingen

A reputable, independent, and highly rated legal firm in the heart of the city’s historic district. Our team combines expertise in all major fields of law, both civil and criminal.

We represent clients from all over the world in a variety of complex matters. We have many years of experience in defending and negotiating claims on behalf of our clients.

Among the many issues we deal with, a great number of cases concern business and commercial law, particularly in the areas of company formation, mergers and acquisitions.

Our experienced team of lawyers advises and represents corporate bodies, as well as private entrepreneurs. We assist our clients with the planning and implementation of their business activities, including the creation and negotiation of contracts, and the resolution of disputes if they occur.

In addition to our work in the private sector, we also act on behalf of public authorities and institutions such as universities, hospitals and governmental organizations.

At the same time, our team has extensive knowledge of all facets of labor law and is able to help you solve any employment-related problems that may arise.

We have a vast amount of experience with defending employers and employees in the course of disciplinary proceedings, especially those involving serious or violent behavior. We have also represented and advised a large number of victims of workplace accidents, sexual abuse and other forms of discrimination.

From the very start, we take the time to listen and understand your concerns. This allows us to find a way through your problems and achieve the best possible solution for you.

Having the right lawyer at your side is crucial, especially when you are facing difficult – and potentially expensive – legal disputes or challenges. Our team of experts can provide the necessary support and advice, so you can focus on your business.

Our services range from individual consultations to the drafting and negotiating of all major contracts, including company and partnership agreements, leases, real estate transactions and more. In addition, we offer an extensive range of other legal services, such as the preparation and prosecution of litigations in courts, arbitration and mediation.

Insolvency / reorganization (Privat- und Regelinsolvenz)

We have extensive experience in all phases of the process, from the first appointment and the preparation of an insolvency plan to the final decision and liquidation. We are accustomed to representing and advising clients in all forms of insolvency, such as consumer insolvencies, administrative insolvencies, and even corporate insolvencies.

Aspects of insolvency that we often encounter are the management of debtors’ assets and the recovery of cash flow. Insolvency law requires a thorough analysis and careful preparation of a strategy that is designed to maximize the chance of successful resolution.

Our lawyers are renowned for their ability to quickly determine the underlying cause of an insolvency and to formulate effective and cost-effective strategies to avoid or delay a default judgment. Our team is also able to assist our clients in all aspects of an insolvency investigation, from the initial examination and documentation of documents and evidence to the negotiation and implementation of a plan of action. Anwalt Hattingen

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