The Mensch On A Bench Hanukkah

The Mensch On A Bench Hanukkah

Mensch On A Bench: Moshe, The Mensch on a Bench, is Hanukkah staple for Jewish families around the planet. This plush toy comes with a storybook that tells the information of Moshe the Mensch and his heroic experience inside of the temple when Judah and the Maccabees won the war across the Greeks. Moshe takes his role as a Mensch very passionately, and always strives to do the right thing, while emboldening others to be mensches.

Hoffman is the man behind Mensch on a Seat, the doll and storybook that’s becoming the Jewish correspondent of the fashionable Elf on the Shelf Christmas accessory. The former Hasbro toy management wrought out a story line and design by himself, and got Moshe the Mensch into retail outlets, and online. Then, just four days since the first night of Hanukkah 2014, Hoffman went down the Mensch to the moguls of Shark Tank.

 The Mensch On A Bench Hanukkah

Mensch On A Bench Shark Tank

 The Mensch on a Bench has gone from a “humor” on ABC’s Shark Tank to a deal, and then to a lasting household brand known by Jews and non-Jews alike. With his trademark smile and black hat, The Mensch on a Bench – with over 4 billion media impressions – is the most promulgated brand to ever come out of the hit show. Now, on Moshe’s 7th birthday, instead of todays, he has received a different gift from creator Neal Hoffman – his own voice!

Like many Jewish ancestors before him, Moshe is using his voice to bring joy, laughter, and some education to the world around him. The all-new Talking Mensch develops over 20 popular Jewish words and phrasings in Yiddish. But don’t ask him to teach you any bad words…because he spreads only kindness and humor!

It has been a busy year for the Mensch on a Bench and the adventure is heating up with Hanukkah right around the corner. Mensch’s adventures have taken him from NBC’s Today Show studio and ABC’s The View, to two of The White House Hanukkah parties with President Barack Obama. From the basketball court to the baseball field, he’s trekked the world! He’s visited the World Baseball Classic in South Korea (kicking back in Cody Decker’s passenger seat), relaxed on Jimmy Kimmel’s producer’s couch, and has gotten cramped in the locker room of the Minnesota Vikings. Talk almost an epic adventure!

Along the way, Moshe has enlisted his award-winning mishpacha in his mission of joy. Whether Ask Papa is conferring his “8 Ball” wisdom or Ask Bubbe is telling it like it is in her loving way, The Mensch on a Bench collection has something for everyone anybody this season’s Festival of Lights. Additionally, Moshe is spreading cheer through his partnerships with MLB and NBA teams in ceremony of their Jewish Heritage Nights. In 2018, the Mensch on a Bench joined Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox, and then in 2019, he joined the New York Mets and Brooklyn windstorm to celebrate. This December, The Mensch on a Bench is excited to partner with National Basketball’s Orlando Magic as they celebrate Hanukkah 2019.

“I fashioned this year’s Talking Mensch on a Bench as a fun, academic way for Jewish and interfaith families to learn some extremely well-known Jewish words and phrasings in Yiddish – one of those words breathing mensch, which means a good and honorable person,” responded creator, Neal Hoffman. “As Moshe, our life-size mensch, and I embark on our adventure to travel the country this season, I look forward to proliferating joy to each and every person we bump into. To me, we need more good and honorable communities in the world. One smile is worth a thousand lights.”

Mensch On A Bench Sales

We spawned the story of Moshe the Mensch.   Moshe was at the Temple when the Maccabees returned victorious from the war.   Judah Maccabee was exhausted from the fighting and he wished to go to bed.   But, with only enough oil left for one night, Judah was worried the lights would go out in the middle of the night.   Moshe volunteered to sit on the bench of the Temple and tell everyone if the lights went out.   What a Mensch sitting on that Bench.

The book retires on to tell the story of Moshe, his 8 days sitting on the bench, and his love of the traditions that Jewish people have.

The product is designed for young Jewish families, but is a great installation to Hanukkah for those not of the Jewish faith.

In the end our goal is to strengthen active attendance in Hanukkah and make the celebration of the holiday even more fun than it is today.  We also want to teach kids what it is to be a true Mensch and teach them to strive to make a extending to difference in the world around them.

The funds raised via Kickstarter will be used to cover the costs of the first production run of 500 Mensch figures.   The minimum order that the factory will produce is 500 units.

The funds will also cover the development and production of the Mensch on a Bench book and packaging.

Our progress on the project is as follows

-The concept and logo are complete

-The prototype is in production

-The manuscript to the book is written

-We have selected a factory to produce the figures, books, and packages

With the funds from Kickstarter, our next steps are to

-Illustrate the book

-Complete the package

-Complete initial production run of 500 dolls and books

-Ship product to the US and into the hands of boys and girls by Hanukkah this year!

What Is A Mensch On A Bench

What Is A Mensch On A Bench

Particularly crazy because, even as the solo-preneur prepped for his big expected sales bump on the night before his episode aired, an overflowing upstairs bathtub drowned his computer downstairs. “The day before I was on Shark Tank, I spent in Best Buy, in tears,” Hoffman confides.

Besides sales, which Hoffman said hit $900,000 in 2014, he also nabbed two sharks — software expert Robert Herjavec and retail and branding pro Lori Greiner. The two invested $150,000, to share 15 percent equity in the company, but not before Hoffman endured some harsh criticism from other sharks.

Mark Cuban accused him of looking for investors prematurely because — in Cuban’s opinion — Hoffman had no idea how to grow the company. “It seems like you want to grow yourself into bankruptcy,” Cuban said.

Kevin O’Leary, meanwhile, deemed the Mensch nothing but a fad. “Do this as a hobby and extract a million bucks over the next few years for yourself,” O’Leary advised. “Don’t quit your day job.”

But turning the Mensch into a long-term brand and not a fad is his focus, Hoffman says, and one he shares with Herjavec and Greiner. That’s one reason the three focused on selling less of the Mensch this year. Hoffman explains that Hanukkah came early in 2015, shortening the shopping season and causing retailers to estimate that sales of holiday-related merchandise would fall by 30 percent.

That meant that Hoffman’s modest drop of 11 percent — from $900,000 in 2014 sales to what the entrepreneur estimates will be $800,000 this year — has kept his strategy on track and avoided leaving retailers stuck with unsold Mensches.

“The only way to kill a toy brand,” Hoffman says, “is to make too much.”

Next year, in 2016, the first night of Hanukkah will actually fall on the same day as Christmas, giving Hoffman a much longer shopping season. “So, we’re still very profitable, the retailers are happy and we’re really well-positioned for next year,” Hoffman points out.

In terms of working with his sharks, Hoffman says that Herjavec has offered help with the big strategic vision, positioning the company to move into new products; these include consumables such as gift paper, gift bags and other products that are purchased every holiday season. “He’ll come in and give me nudges on the strategic direction,” Hoffman says.

For her part, Greiner has brought expertise to the crucial details Hoffman needs to succeed in retail. That has included redesigning Moshe to look a tad friendlier. On the show, shark Barbara Corcoran, who bid but lost on investing in Mensch, told Hoffman, “The doll is scary.” Greiner agreed, so, for 2015, the Mensch became a kinder, gentler Moshe.

“I’d say that after Steve Jobs, Lori is the best product person of this generation,” Hoffman says.

Mensch On A Bench Net Worth

This Mensch may have started on a bench, but now he’s conquering the retail world.

You may know Moshe, AKA the Mensch on a Bench, from his star-making appearance on season six of “Shark Tank” in 2014. Two years later, we’re starting to find out more about Moshe’s history.

Neal Hoffman, 39, is the brains behind the doll and storybook that have become the Jewish counterpart to the popular Christmas accessory Elf on the Shelf.

In an interview with Heavy, Hoffman, a former Hasbro toy executive, said he originally just wanted his sons to stop begging for Christmas decorations and toys for their house.

“Every December we go through the December Dilemma of my son wanting Christmas items in our home,” he said. “When he asked for an elf, my first thought was, ‘No, because we are Jewish.’ But after thinking about it for a second, I didn’t want to say ‘No,’ I wanted to come up with an alternative.”

And so Moshe, the Mensch on a Bench, was born.

Finding additional ways to spread smiles and joy, the brand also features the Mitzvah Moose, and Moshe stars in the incredibly popular holiday app, Elf Yourself® by Office Depot and OfficeMax. It’s the fifth year in a row whereby consumers can choose between three Hanukkah-themed dances to dance in as a group with friends and family members or as a solo mensch!

The 2019 Mensch on a Bench collection includes:

Created by Neal Hoffman in 2013, The Mensch on a Bench tells the wonderful story of Moshe the Mensch, who watched over the menorah during the great miracle of Hanukkah. The award-winning brand debuted on Shark Tank in 2014 and has since become the best-selling Jewish toy brand. Over 250,000 Jewish and interfaith families have brought home The Mensch on a Bench, along with members of their mishpacha: Ask Bubbe, Hannah the Hanukkah Hero, Dreidel Dog, Ask Papa, and Mitzvah Moose.

The brand introduces children to Hanukkah traditions, and it encourages children to do the right thing by being a mensch – a good and honorable person. Some of the accolades bestowed upon Mr. Hoffman and the brand include attendance at White House Hanukkah parties, winner of Cincinnati’s 2016 “40 Under 40” award, being named International Mensch of the Year by the Mensch Foundation in 2014, a feature in Team Israel’s Heading Home documentary, as well as a partnership with the MLB and NBA. For additional information,

What do you do with Mensch on a bench?

As a way to create a sense of unity among Jews during the holiday season, the Mensch on a Bench started as a way to bring more Funukkah to Hanukkah. Demonstrating strength, kindness, courage and wisdom, each member of our growing family represents the Jewish values we‘re proud to embrace.

How much is Mensch on a bench worth?

Look for the Dreidel Dog (SRP $19.99), The Mensch on a Bench (SRP $29.99), Hannah the Hanukkah Hero (SRP $29.99), and Ask Bubbe (SRP $19.99) available now at Amazon, Target, Michaels, and Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

Which shark invested in Mensch on a bench?

Shark Tank hosts Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec acquired 15 percent of Mensch on a Bench last year. Founded by Hoffman in 2013, Mensch on a Bench generated $930,000 in annual revenue last year and $250,000 in profit.