Earth 2.0: Yes We Can Launch a New And Improved Global Agenda

Envision seeing a top sheik from Dubai, enclosed by conventional Arab attire, shout “Yes We Can” before the 800 specialists accumulated during the Summit of the Global Agenda that just occurred in Dubai on November 7-ninth, co-coordinated by the World Economic Forum and the Government of Dubai. yatırım teşvik belgesi başvuru This equivalent sheik added that “we fabricate the future with our own hands”.

As recently declared, the “Worldwide Agenda Councils will challenge winning suppositions, screen patterns, map interrelationships and address information holes. Similarly significant, Global Agenda Councils will likewise propose arrangements, devise techniques and assess the viability of activities utilizing quantifiable benchmarks.”

You will peruse more about this occasion in the media. Yet, let me share a portion still-jetlagged reflections.

The budgetary emergency has made evident the self-evident: that we live in a really new and worldwide world.

Furthermore, that the same old thing will prompt worldwide catastrophe – we need new ways to deal with aggregately adjust to and flourish in this new climate. The appropriate response isn’t to return to any old worldview, which essentially won’t work in another reality, yet to envision and manufacture a superior better approach for getting things done. Also, we as a whole need to partake.

A portion of the orderlies encouraged us to “reboot” the framework. I don’t believe that a “reboot” is sufficient – we have to move up to another working framework. We can call it Planet Earth 2.0. In light of the gathering conversation we had on Sunday morning, let me propose a portion of the building rules that ought to underlie any arising Planet Earth 2.0 working framework. Furthermore, let me present those standards utilizing a “Yes We Can” esteem based methodology: